Network boot, provisioning and management by Rancher Server

this is a feature request:

It would be really nice to be able to manage Net-Boot (RancherOS) and configuration of BareMetal machines via Rancher Server.

There are some Docker containers to NetBoot RancherOS. Such capabilities integrated in Rancher Server, along with cloud-config & key management would be a fantastic addion.
CoreOS offers Matchbox & Ignition for similar purposes, but with very little comfort.


I used pixiecore to do my netbooting to test both vmware and real hardware when I was developing RancherOS. I was also using the HP-microserver, Dell and supermicro server mgmt API’s to remote admin & boot from virtual ISO.

and in all of those cases, I used cloud-init files served by web-server

is that what you’re after? if not, perhaps you could add some more specifics.

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Hi Sven,
thanks for your guide. I had a look into pixiecore already, its a really nice tool.

I would like to have this functionality integrated into “Rancher Server”. That way you could deploy new bare metal host and manage them with a few clicks.