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Happy to be here and learn new things. I do hardware validation and will be adding SLES 15 Enterprise Server to my list of OS’s I use during my validation. I found it hard to install with a GUI while working remote because I have to have 2 mapped ISO’s or somehow have 2 thumb drives with ISO’s plugged in to the server. I usually load up the install packages of the OS’s with as many options including a GUI when I perform my testing. If anyone has any input on Installation specially WFH or remote data center install processes please share.

since SLES 15 the installation process was remodeled to establish a more modular approach. This lead to a minimal base system iso (literally minimal) and the additional packages iso. If attaching two ISOs is an issue you can try installing remotely, this guide describes some scenarios. For example, you could set up an installation server which could be used for all kinds of distros, of course. Another approach is to finish the minimal installation and attach the packages afterwards to install everything else required.

There is also Studio Express to create your own customized SLE install from a template, else look at kiwi locally?

Thank you for your inputs on some solutions.

Hi @Aaron , if you are doing hardware validation, certification, you can also contact our ISV at