No external network in bare metal install

I’m installing Rancher in a small 4 node cluster. One node is a VM (from a local VMware cloud) connected to the internet and the other 3 are Linux boxes. All nodes run Ubuntu 14.04. I installed a single node Rancher server (in the VM) and added one of the 3 nodes, following the instructions at Rancher Docs.

Everything seems to be installed fine, but the containers created do not have access to the internet. All 4 nodes have internet access. If I add a host to the Rancher server node, containers created in it will have internet access. Containers, created in any of these 2 hosts, can ping any container in any host. Is that the expected behavior? What am I doing wrong?

After revising my install, the problem disappeared (maybe a problem with my network setup).

I’m glad to hear that its resolved. In those cases, it usually is a networking issue.