No Kubernetes Option in New Environment


I tried with 3 different browsers but when I try to run a new environment I don’t see any option to create a new Kubernetes environment. I even don’t see to choose what type of environment I can create. I would like to test the kubernetes but looking at the february presentation you go and create or edit the default environment to be kubernetes environment. I don’t have that option to choose. My version are:
Component Version
Rancher v0.59.1
Cattle v0.148.1
User Interface v0.90.0
Rancher Compose v0.7.2

Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance.


Proper Kuberenetes support isn’t in 0.59.1, I believe it will be made available in an RC this week.

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When will that be and how do we get RC?

It’s in rancher/server:v0.61.0-rc3, but still rough.

0.63.0 resolves this

Please use v0.63.1 esp if you run a systemd based OS. Otherwise k8s wouldn’t work for you. :slight_smile: