Online / Offline rancherOS management


We are designing a infrastructure for a museum. Part of this is running Docker Images (with X11) and Rancher OS has been the best fit for it. I’ve also been able to run a fully offline install with kernel extra’s and docker images added automatically after install.

One of the design features of the infrastructure that is should work on physical devices that are online and offline. The current idea we have is that there is a usbstick that defines a role of a device (this could also be the rancher state partition). If a device is offline and you add a usbstick, it should take the role on the usbstick. The usbstick should also have all the content needed for that role (which are a set of docker images and compose config).
If the device is online you should be able to modify the content of the device (maybe use Rancher for this) and modifying the content of a device should also update the usbstick (in case if device goes offline).

I think it would be a good idea to have a agent running on all the devices which handles offline and online usage. The agent can be configured using Rancher and also has a default setting when the device is offline. Can the default rancher client be used for this?

The reason to use a usb stick it that we can retire a device and add the ‘role’ usb stick to a new device which then automatically gets the new role in a online and offline setting
Also updating a usbdevice offline on your local computer and then adding it to a ‘device’ should update the state of a ‘device’