Plans to support Volume Plugins in RancherOS


I would like to know if there are plans to support Volume Plugins on RancherOS?

We would like to use the CEPH volume plugin in our production environments in the future, currently 90% of our infrastructure is using CEPH as main storage.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I build a quick and dirty convoy volume plugin and posted it here in the forum. So it should be possible to build plugins as (system-)docker containers.

Oh, I’ve seen your solution, its actually how its supposed to work, as the RancherOS is extended by “Docker Containers Plugins”. But I was expecting them to support it natively since It’s an essential piece for enterprises, maybe even bring the container online by itself when its specified to use CEPH or other backend storage on the Rancher UI, making it easier to setup on big clusters.


I also hope such plugins will be added to RancherOS natively. The plugin itself could be added with a better implemented system-docker container, but it should also be added to RancherUI.

Is this now in 0.4.1 of RancherOS? I see the catalog in Rancher has Convoy for GlustnerFS, so hoping plain Convoy is now a native possibility as I am struggling to get the Customer Storage Container option in ROS to work.