[Pre-release Build] Release v1.2.0-pre1

Release v1.2.0-pre1


New Features (since v1.1.2)

  • Experimental: Kubernetes 1.3 Support [#5416] - Beginning the preparation of supporting k8s 1.3. This first version requires users to upgrade from an existing 1.2 deployment. However, please be aware that an upgrade to 1.3 will force a restart of your existing pods as this is currently a known issue for upgrading to 1.3 (please refer to https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/issues/23104 for more info). New experimental features:
    • Added support for managing stateful applications through the use of ‘PetSet’ objects [#5236]
    • Added support for kubectl ‘exec’, ‘logs’, ‘attach’ [#4664]
    • Added support for labeling a host in Rancher and propagating the label down to a k8s node [#5269]
    • Added a new 'Stack" concept in the Rancher UI for managing k8s templates as an individual application. Stacks can be upgraded and delete as an application. [#5268]
    • Added k8s ‘Deployments’ into the Rancher k8s UI [#4431]

Known Major Issues

  • Upgrading to k8s 1.3 will cause all pods to be recreated. This is a known issue with k8s 1.3 at the moment [#5541]

Major Bug Fixes since v1.1.2

  • Fixed an issue where kubectl configmap items are not properly added [#5293]
  • Fixed an issue where Rancher’s API does not work in an air-gap environment [#3258]
  • Fixed an issue where purged containers still show up in the UI [#3178]

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