Unable to start a new host / Misunderstanding what rancheros is maybe?

I followed this video to set up a new host.

After installing the OS, I ran docker run -d --restart=always -p 8080:8080 --name rancher_admin rancher/server and get the web UI working.

When I try to add a custom host, the image is pulled and starts, but then stops and nothing happens apart for seeing my rancher.home host with the rancher/server container. I can successfully start an Nginx container within the same host with no issues.

I am learning RancherOS and Docker at the same time as I want to get familiar with containers so I can start learning DevOps skills for my job. I am trying to set up a server for home with an OwnCloud instance and then a simple storage dump for family/hobby photos and would like them both on their own host with a separate hostname which will be accessible outside of my home.

I am using a HP MicroServer Gen8 (which I believe is Baremetal?).

Any ideas? I have been spending a week on this on and off and starting to get frustrated. :frowning:

Can you do a docker ps and a docker ps -a?

Can you do a docker logs on whatever containers are for rancher/agent?

Have you looked here to see if any of this applies to you?


Hi @denise, thank you for a quick response.

Please see here for logs and docker ps ... output.

As there is nothing on there at the moment, I am more that happy for you to logon as it is a throw away install at the moment until I get to learn it more thoroughly; providing you require to of course :slight_smile:

I think I might be being stupid/misunderstanding something…?

What I want to do is use my home server, with RancherOS, to allow me to run an instance of OwnCloud + a back up server for my family photos/videos with the added extra of being able to spin up dev boxes for my personal projects and work stuff.

I am thinking a host is something where I can have multiple, for example:


I can then have the owncloud & storage instances to persist data on my raid array and have the dev boxes to have there own persistence on the OS drive.

Is this possible?

Am I misunderstanding something?

Most likely your rancher agents are unable to communicate with rancher/server instance.

What is the custom command that you run to add your host?

It was the command that was suggested by the UI. However, I didn’t set up a cloud-config.yml when I installed it? Could that have anything to do with this?

It has nothing to do with your OS.

Does your host registration say localhost?

No, currently it is the public IP of my machine.

Please ignore/close this. I was being stupid and using RancherOS + rancher/server incorrectly. As I am a web developer trying to get into DevOps/sys admin skill sets, I was thinking about hosts as virtual hosts and not actual hosts where you set up the server/agent on the server you are wanting to provision/monitor.

Apologies for any time wasted.