Problems upgrading 0.35 to 0.39 - rancher eventually dies

I upgraded from 0.35 to 0.39 at the weekend. I saw errors appear in the logs about the database records being changed. ( )

This morning couldn’t get into Rancher and on checking the container was stopped. I tried restarting it and watching it. No complaints about records changed but got repeated errors ‘unable to create event router’ and it died again. ( ).

Can’t go back to 0.35 either as that has the exact same issue and dies. Nothing else on this server. I’t a small VM just to run docker + rancher server.

Hi Kiboro,

I had a similar issue to this, for me it turned out to to a DNS problem that would cause the server to crash and another one was a proxy issue. Are you behind a proxy? If you are you may have to specify http_proxy and https_proxy along with no_proxy for your internal services you need access to.

I’ve had no issues upgrading between the versions.

Note: Typically, the database records being changed won’t have affected your Rancher deployment, we just log it a lot when we update anything in the DB.

Would you be able to provide more details on your setup of Rancher? Do you have a multi-node setup? Proxy?