[Q] Recommended deployment in labs

I want to deploy Rancher in a labs environment, means docker is running on VMs (KVM). These VMs are hosted in a 2-node cluster managing VM creation and operation.
This allows me to create x VMs and install RancherOS on any VM resulting in x Docker instances.

My understanding is that this is not HA but a single cluster with x local nodes. This is fine for my demands.

With regards to network I run a reverse proxy (HAProxy) with SSL termination to redirect traffic to the relevant server.

How should I deploy Rancher in this lab?
Single Node Installation with External Load Balancer?
And to which node must I redirect incoming traffic?
In the initialization phase a public IP and internal IP is requested.
What must be entered here? Is the public IP belonging to the LAN of the VM? Or should this be a public IP provided by the ISP?