Question about Cloneing/Merging Patches via SuMA 2.1 API


currently i’ve implementet a stageing concept at my Office. There are 3 Stages for each Channel (TST, QAS, PRD) and we are using the " spacewalk-manage-channel-lifecycle " Script to clone the Patches from one Stage to the next on a regular basis.
The Problem is that we Need some Kind of “Fast-Lane” for Emergency/SecurityFixes and this script clones the whole channel.

So i was trying to implement some Script that utilises the SuMA API to clone/merge specific Patches from one Stage to the next.

I tried to use the but it just merges/clones the Information about a patch without the packages needed for the Update.

When I run a it lists the just cloned/merged patches, but when i run a nothing happens.

Could someone please Point out what i am doing wrong? Is there a better method of achiving what i Need?

Thanks a Lot


This business case sounds like one from the exercises in the SUSE Manager
3 training I attended a few weeks go, though the solution there for
emergency patches was to have an emergency child channel created just for
those patches. Add in whatever emergency stuff you need there, then
promote that through without the rest of everything offered by SUSE, or
adopted by you in your development or test channels.

I know that does not answer your specific question, but I think it handles
what you are after better in the long run.

Good luck.

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