SP Migrate against a cloned channel

Hi. We are running SUMA 3.1.1. We have a group of servers that we want on a separate patch schedule so we cloned the SLES12-SP1 repo and associated child channels (updates, etc.). Now, when we want to patch the servers, we sync this cloned repo against the original SLES12-SP1 channels and apply the patches. However, if we want to migrate these SLES12-SP1 servers to SLES12-SP2 and clone the SLES12-SP2 repos just like we did for SLES12-SP1, we cannot migrate them from the cloned SLES12-SP1 channel to the cloned SLES12-SP2 channel. It seems SUMA doesn’t know that the cloned SLES12-SP2 channel is just as valid as the original SLES12-SP2 channels.

So, how do we migrate the servers in the cloned SLES12-SP1 channel to SLES12-SP2? Do we force the servers to the default SLES12-SP2 channel and then, once the migration is complete, move them back under the cloned SLES12-SP2 channel? Seems SUMA should allow us to migrate to the cloned SLES12-SP2 channel.


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SP-migration tries to validate the choosen channels by backtracking to their origin and checking if they are based on SUSE vendor channels.
Depending on how you cloned, this ‘backlink’ seems to be broken.

Please open a support request for further investigation.

SP migration is also available via the SUSE Manager API. The API does not do any checking and you can easily break your system by choosing the wrong channels. With great power comes great responsibility.