[Rancher 2.4.3] How to persist grafana dashboard (doc link broken)

I’m trying to find a way how to persist my dashboard at grafana in rancher monitoring. Each time my k8s restarts (it runs between 6am and 6pm) I lose my dashboard.

I’m using the version 2.4.3.

I tried to enable the “Enable Persistent Storage for Grafana” at “Tools > Monitoring”, but also without success.

I tried to access the rancher 2.4 documentation referenced here Rancher Docs: Tools for Logging, Monitoring, and More but the link is broken at:

For details, refer to the [monitoring section.](https: //rancher.com/docs/rancher/v2.0-v2.4/en/cluster-admin/tools/monitoring)

I also tried the 2.6 documentation Rancher Docs: Persistent Grafana Dashboards at the tab " RANCHER BEFORE V2.5.8", but it does not work.

How can I solve this?