Rancher 2.5 vs Rancher 2.6 - whats the point?

Can someone explain whats the plan for rancher 2.5.X?

I mean - I love rancher 2.5 simplicity, its much cleaner and user friendly than 2.6 version. But how long 2.5 will be still updated to next minor versions? Is it still worth to install new 2.5 than 2.6? Any differences in the future?

I managed to get this URL, it shows the dates for Rancher support phases.

Couldn’t agree more. 2.5 provides GUI for general IT persons. 2.6 feels like it’s for devs only.

2.6 contains all the functionality of 2.5 and much more. If there are specific features that aren’t obvious or seem confusing please let us know.