Rancher and Serverless Architecture

There has been a whole lot of news (well… at least on my Twitter feed :P) about AWS Flourish and related serverless architectures. http://thenewstack.io/amazon-debuts-flourish-runtime-application-model-serverless-computing/

For example:
API Gateway on AWS, driven by EC2 Lambda methods.

I’m just wondering if this has crossed anyone’s mind how we would use rancher to replicate this behaviour? Or have tried it? I’m just curious is it worth it replicating this behaviour on top of rancher.

Since a big pull for me to use Rancher was that I can take my deployments to other cloud providers, or have services split across multiple providers easily.
Now if we want serverless lambdas, we are back into relying on vendor specific services, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google’s equivalents.

So far I’m thinking that there will be a Routing Service that looks up methods, and runs the Lambda “Docker” functions on the next available host.
Would anyone be interested in seeing something like this?

Hi nma, its a great thought, and you’re right about the increase in attention towards the subject of serverless. We just wrote a blog about it actually that shows an example of an open source framework you can use on top of Rancher to achieve a “lambda-like” experience.

Hope you find it interesting!