Rancher-NFS not mounting on CoreOS

Running Rancher 1.6.23 with Rancher/storage-nfs:v0.9.1

The CoreOS host is configured as an NFS server, all related services are up and running, however Rancher-NFS cannot mount the share.

Tested with CentOS 7 as the host OS and was able to mount with no issues.

Enabled debugging but there was no useful information.

time=“2018-10-30T13:31:10Z” level=info msg=“Running on host hostname(1h1) with driver rancher-nfs(1sd1)”
time=“2018-10-30T13:31:10Z” level=info msg=“Validating NFS by Mounting /tmp/qsvit.” name=validation
time=“2018-10-30T13:31:10Z” level=fatal msg=“Failed to initialize: Failed mount -o ,nfsvers=4 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:/nfs /tmp/qsvit”

I was finally able to solve the issue. Since I had fsid=0 listed in the exports, I had to change the MOUNT_DIR from /nfs to /.