Rancher Release - v0.28.0

We are excited to announce the latest release of Rancher. In this post, we will always edit the original post to contain the most recent tagged latest and a link to the full release notes.

In GitHub, Rancher is creating weekly releases. The release number is related to the week of the year. If the release contains the “rc” in it’s name, that means it’s a release candidate that we are internally testing. If the release passes our testing, we will release an official version for that week, announce it here and provide release notes in GitHub.

Latest Release:


New Features

  • Virtual Host Support for LB Services #1042 - Users will now be able to optionally route Load Balancer traffic based on Host headers and/or request paths to the appropriate service when creating a “Load Balancer Service.”
  • Service Sidekicks #1353 - Users will now be able to create sidekicks for services that will allow containers launched from the primary service + sidekicks to co-locate on the same host. This will allow docker functionalities like attaching volumes from data containers to work consistently when containers from services are deployed across groups of hosts.

For the full release notes, please visit v0.28.0 Release Notes.