Rancher Release - v0.50.0

Release v0.50.0


New Features

  • DockerMachine v0.5.2 Support [#2908, #2913] - Rancher now supports DockerMachine v0.5.2 and the ability to set your own custom Docker Engine options when adding new hosts into Rancher.
  • OpenLDAP Support [#2090] - Rancher now supports OpenLDAP as another LDAP server option for user authentication in addition to the already supported GitHub, ActiveDirectory, and Local DB.
  • Custom HAProxy LB Service Support [#2753, #876] - When adding a LB Service, users now have the option to append their own custom “global” and/or “default” sections into the haproxy.cfg. Please note this is an advance option so please refer to the HAProxy doc for more details on the available options you can add.
  • Wildcard Request Host Matches in LB Service [#1787]- When adding a LB Service, users now have the option to specify a wildcard when adding host based routing. The rules are:
  • Multiple Rancher Catalog Support [#3028] - Rancher now supports the ability for users to configure additional Rancher Catalog registries.

Rancher Catalog

Known Major Issues

  • Unable to edit any services that have same names as any removed services [#3033, #3037]
  • New installs are unable to launch Rancher Catalog [#3056]

Major Bug Fixes since v0.49.1

  • Fixed an issue where External Services were not resolvable by containers added with host networking mode and io.rancher.container.dns:true is applied [#3018]
  • Fixed an issue where multiple links to the same service does not work [#2959]
  • Fixed an issue where the Rancher Catalog does not refresh with new items unless the user explicitly executes a browser refresh [#2949]
  • Fixed issues where deleting and recreating convoy-gluster stacks would not work [#2917]
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a different catalog item after opening up a previous one would not result in the new catalog item YML to be sent to Rancher when deployed [#2851]
  • The Service scale option will no longer be available if you select to deploy the services with the “global” option [#2827]
  • Fixed an issue where where ELB+SSL does not work with Rancher Server [#2311]

Rancher-Compose Downloads

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