Rancher Release - v0.44.0

Release v0.44.0


New Features

  • Rancher Service Discover integration with public DNS [#1675] - When properly configured per environment, Rancher will now support the capability to configure a Route 53 DNS service (initial integration) to automatically create a DNS entry for any Rancher service that has at least one public port exposed. Rancher will be able to manage DNS entries as services are dynamically scaled across hosts requiring DNS record changes based on Host IP.

Known Major Issues

Major Bug Fixes since v0.43.1

  • Rancher Catalog will now support environments with SSL enabled [#2464]
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading a service that has the global flag set to true would result in a scale of 1 after the upgrade [#2459]
  • Fixed an issue where the sidekick form does not automatically display when attempting to add a sidekick to a service [#2455]
  • Fixed an issue with attempting to upgrade a sidekick of a service [#2451]
  • Fixed an issue where cookie settings were not being persisted in the HAProxy config file with SSL enabled [#2443]
  • Fixed an issue where labels were not being properly for creating a Service Alias [#2302]
  • rancher-compose: Metadata can now be updated via rancher-compose CLI [#2300]
  • rancher-compose: CLI will now make a check against Rancher Server for compatibility [#1725]

Rancher-Compose Downloads


And which version of the agent instance image?

Edit: Should it be v0.5.0?

Yes, @kaos the rancher/agent-instance is now at v0.5.0. I’ve updated the release notes.