Rancher Release - v0.51.0

Release v0.51.0


New Features

  • Random Port Assignment for Services [#2097] - Users can now map a random high port within an ephemeral port range (49153-65535) on your Docker host to your managed Rancher network port for any service. This is achieved by simply not specifying a host port in the port mapping when creating services.
    • The port range is defined on a per environment basis.
    • The ports are assigned upon service creation and removed and reusable immediately after a service has been deleted.
    • The ports are assigned on a service level so any containers launched from this service will be assigned the exact port.
  • API Audit Logs [#1267] - Admins will now have the ability to view all API requests to Rancher Server. Each API log will contain the following information:
    • When the API request was executed
    • The API request event type
    • The Request and Response object of the API request
    • The authentication scheme used
    • The user that made the API request
    • The environment that the API request was made against
    • The source IP of the API request

Rancher Catalog

Known Major Issues

Major Bug Fixes since v0.50.2

  • Fixed an issue where editing an External Service service would result in an “Unknown action: setservicelinks” error message [#3020]
  • Fixed an issue where updated metadata fields for Service Aliases and External Services were not propagated to the metadata server [#2253]
  • Fixed an UI issue where adding a “Resolving Server” under the network tab of a service would result in an UI exception [#3027]
  • Added Catalog repo for templates in their respective git catalog repositories [#3001]
  • Fixed an issue with Rancher DNS where it can potentially send UDP messages greater than 512 bytes when executing recursive queries [#2928] @janeczku thanks for finding and helping us to validate the fix!

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