Rancher Release - v0.63.1

Release v0.63.1


New Features

Known Major Issues

Major Bug Fixes since v0.63.0

  • Fixed an issue where Kubernetes was not able to start with systemd based OS [#3952]
  • Fixed an issue where during upgrade, large datasets were timing out during migration [#3949]
    • If you attempted to upgrade to v0.63.0 and it failed and now you are trying to upgrade to v0.63.1 and get then following error:

      Migration failed for change set db/core-076.xml::dump1::wizardofmath (generated):
      Reason: liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: Error executing SQL ALTER TABLE rancher.process_execution ADD created datetime NULL: Duplicate column name ‘created’

    • Run the following SQL in your MySQL database.

      TRUNCATE process_execution;
      ALTER TABLE process_execution DROP created;

    • If you are running the embedded database in the rancher/server, you can log into MySQL by running

      docker exec -it $RANCHER_CONTAINER_ID mysql -u root cattle

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