RancherOS compose v2 with ros or docker-compose

I need compose v2 with RancherOS. ros service doesn’t support it yet.

Is it possible to install docker-compose for v2 support?
Tried to download, chmod +x and use docker-compose but it doesn’t work with latest RancherOS.

Upstream Docker Compose wouldn’t work too well with RancherOS. For example, you wouldn’t be able to launch system services (rancher.services) with it or control when in the boot process the services start. We customize libcompose quite a bit to add this type of functionality.

Have you considered putting docker run commands in runcmd? It’s certainly not ideal, but it might work until a better solution is available.

Will libcompose updated with the next RancherOS release and is there a planned release date?

It should be work, but I updated / improved my desktop services to v2 syntax and maybe it could be better to waiting for the next release.

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