RancherOS Release - v0.6.0

Release v0.6.0


  • Runtime of this release is 180 MB, but to install, you will need 1.5 GB of RAM to install. We are looking into minimizing the amount needed to install.
  • Upgrades using a persistent console are not supported in this version. Please use --upgrade-console when upgrading to also upgrade the console.
  • The ISO no longer requires a password and SSH will not work with the ISO unless a password is set using sudo passwd rancher.

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where boot would occasionally stop due to improperly closed streams [#1090]
  • Fixed an issue where automatic resizing wasn’t working for non-default consoles [#1099]
  • Fixed an issue where array kernel parameters were being parsed incorrectly [#1088]
  • Fixed an issue where open-vm-tools was crashing on ESXi [#1096]
  • Fixed an issue where an ECS agent would fail due to the Docker socket not being ready [#671]

v0.6.0 AMIs

Please see our README to find our community AMIs.