Raspberry pi ros os upgrade

Good morning,
As I looked through the release page I just became aware of the availability of the stable 0.8.0 version for raspberry pi. Heading over to my server I tried

“ros os list”

but it didn’t find anything, when trying ros os upgrade I got the following error:

FATA[0003] Failed to find latest image

Is there any specific configuration steps (using a specific registry maybe?) I have to take before I’m able to upgrade my install without having to re-image my sd card?

Thanks for any help or pointers :slight_smile:

I fouled up my attempt to add an ssh key on my 0.7.1 so had to reformat my sd card to 0.8.0
But now that I’m running 0.8.0 on my Pi, running:

sudo ros os list  --> v0.8.0 running

and that’s it, whereas on my vm running rancheros 0.8.0 I get the whole enchilada as it were:
rancher/os:v0.8.0 local latest running
rancher/os:v0.7.1 remote available

So I’m thinking that perhaps that jump up/down functionality doesn’t exist under Pi/ARM builds?

I made a dd copy of my sd card on my Mac before installing 0.8.0 incase I was unable to retrieve my commits to my containers I’d made.

Yup, due to the way that the RPi bootloader works, and the way its currently built, there is no install / upgrade functionality.

Thanks for the answers guys, I’ll upgrade the hard way then.


Do you have a recommendation whats the best way to update an raspberry pi without always starting from scratch?


I too would like to know a solution to this. I would like to install ros on a pi, but I will only have remote access to it once it is deployed (I could have physical access to it, but it will be hundreds a miles a way, so it will be extremely infrequent). From my current understanding, in the case, I wouldn’t be able to update ros. Is there a work around, or should I consider another os?