Re: help required installing Sandy Bridge VGA driver


this works only with the normal kernel on my notebook.

Any ideas with the xen-kernel?


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I got the solution @ ‘Ladislav’s blog: Installing latest Intel graphics
driver to openSUSE 11.4’

SLED 11 SP 1 is not openSUSE 11.4. It’s based upon openSUSE 11.2 (but
it isn’t openSUSE 11.2 either).

I’ve got some machines with Sandybridge chipset at work (can’t check
the exact spec as I’m not at work) and to get proper graphics support I
used this:
‘Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000: Installation Information’
Download the iso, use YaST to add it as an Add-On Product and then
install the drm-kmp-pae package. Some of the other packages should also
get installed as updates to ones provided in SLED 11 SP 1.

If the Ethernet card doesn’t work go to ‘Index of
and get the intel-e1000e and intel-e1000e-kmp-pae packages.

I’ve no idea what the status of the Ethernet packages is in terms of
supportability. I have asked Novell but they didn’t provide an answer. I
did manage to get them to tell me that they don’t support that
SLE-SANDYBRIDGE iso with the graphics drivers in. Apparently that’s
provided by Intel and if it doesn’t work as expected I should talk to
Intel about it.

Sandybridge support will apparently be in SLED 11 SP2 which is
apparently expected the end of this year.

I’ve found the issue of Sandybridge support in SLED 11 SP 1 something
of a saga. Novell’s handling of my enquires regarding it have been far
below the quality of service I’ve received from them in the past. My
initial enquiry about Sandybridge support was met with a very curt “we
can’t help you” about two hours after the support request was opened and
it was then closed. A colleague of mine subsequently found the network
driver and I found the graphics stuff myself after stumbling upon
‘Partner Linux Driver Program Search’
( and eventually figuring out that the
only way to get the search function to return any results is to put %
(wildcard) in to the ‘Model or Component’ field. The support request I
opened after I’d found these to enquire about the supported status of
what I’d found, (also to ask why they hadn’t previously told me those
things exist instead of just telling me they couldn’t help), didn’t get
a response for six weeks and I’m still waiting for an explanation of
about what appears to be an Updates channel for these packages which I
can see listed but can’t access.