RKE2 standalone on bare metal

Hi, I’m new to Rancher. I had a question and cannot find the answer despite going through the docs. I understand RKE2 and Rancher are not synonymous. If RKE2 is the Kubernetes distribution itself, is Rancher the admin tool that sits atop RKE2 that also provides a GUI.

My question is, can standalone RKE2 run on bare metal? Or does it need to be run with RKE2 and Rancher integrated?

@Scroll2863 Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:
Sure, use it for what you want, doesn’t need to be Rancher… I run RKE2 on bare-metal… I do have Rancher running, but it could be anything else I wanted.

I thought that was likely the case but I couldn’t find a clear answer. Thank you!