Ros 1.4.2 crashes in hyperv install

Just booted 1.1.4 just fine.

1.4.2 both downloaded and URL crashed during initial bootup.

This is a hyper-v setup with latest Docker for Windows (windows 10), with the defined external network. It’s a simple enough test. Just switch in “hyperv” for “virtualbox” in the docker-machine documentation. And set up that external network name.

I’ll be continuing with 1.1.4 see how far I can take it. Will be nice if it’s integrated in windows approach.

uh nevermind, figured out to pass in much more memory…

docker-machine create -d hyperv --hyperv-memory 4096 --hyperv-virtual-switch "Docker Virtual Switch" --hyperv-boot2docker-url rancheros-1.4.2.iso rancher4

it’s not using anything in my cloud-config.yml, but at least it boots and installs!

Hyper-v support will be added to v1.5.0. You can use v1.5.0-rc1 for test.