RancherOS 1.5.5 - Rancher 2.3.3

I want to install the latest Rancher version (2.3.3) on RancherOS. The in RancherOS included version of Rancher (ros service enable rancher-server) is version1.6.
How do I install the latest Rancher version in RancherOS? I have not found any documentation to this. Can anyone give me a hint, or should I not use RancherOS as base of Rancher?

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Hi @amathar

You can use RancherOS as underlying OS to configure Rancher 2.3.3. It’s actually one of the OS validated and supported according to Rancher Support Matrix (https://rancher.com/support-maintenance-terms/)

I have a Rancher 2.x configured in High Availability using RancherOS as underlying OS.
To do so you only need to configure RKE and install Rancher using helm, as explained in their installation documentation. But you can also install Rancher in a single node using docker.

docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped \
	-p 80:80 -p 443:443 \
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