self-update offline?

I’m trying to get SLES15 to do a self update from the DVD, is this even possible? I have the SLE-INSTALLER repo copied to the dvd and am using these variables in autoinst.xml:

<general> <self_update config:type="boolean">true</self_update> <self_update_url>dvd:///SLE-INSTALLER/15/x86_64/update</self_update_url> <partition_alignment config:type="symbol">align_optimal</partition_alignment> </general>

The requirement for these systems is that they will be behind many many firewalls and won’t have access to the internet. They might have access to an internal web server, but that’s doubtful as well.

The installer isn’t making it past the partition proposal because yast2 isn’t updated (using software raid and LVM’s).

I can post any files if needed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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