Shibboleth request timestamp issue

Trying to implement SSO with Shibboleth in our enterprise.
Ran into issue where our Microsoft SAML server refuses to accept the request sent by Rancher:
MSIS0018: The SAML protocol message cannot be read because it contains data that is not valid. --> System.FormatException: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

Seems that Rancher writes timestamp in more detail than Microsoft can handle. It looks like the reason may lay within the very nature of the DateTime-structure in .NET which is based on 100-nanosecond, but would it be possible to add configuration for the format of the timestamp?

Could you open an issue for this at:

I can’t promise we’ll get to this immediately, but that having it over there will help us assess and prioritize it.

Thank you.
For anybody else, I created the issue #9953.