SLE 12 DVD2 image too large to burn?

I have the trial version of SLE 12. It came as two DVD images – the first I was able to burn to a DVD without issue, but the second is too large. 4.72 GB according to Windows. The Windows image-burning utility flat refuses to burn it. I downloaded ImgBurn and tried with that (choosing the “Overburn” option to keep burning as long as there was space on the disc) and it ran out of space before completing. How am I supposed to burn this so I can actually install SUSE?

Is there a reason you need DVD 2? If you get a dual-layer DVD you can
probably burn this, but I’ve only ever burned it with k3b (Linux) so maybe
it’s a tool problem too.

DVD 2 is for development-kits (SDKs) and source code. You likely do not
need it for a normal installation, or at least that is my understanding.
If you do want to use it, I would just download the ISO and mount it and
make it available via HTTP or something.

Good luck.

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I have never needed DVD 2 to install Linux. Ab, you are correct in that it only contains SDK’s and source files.