SLE end kernel panic - not syncing: No working init found. Try passing init= option to kernel

@M_A_T and what does the following commands show du -sh /boot and df -kh /boot?

Hi @malcolmlewis1 have an error during dracut -f -v or mkinitrd. Are you bit familiar in the issue?

@M_A_T so is ldd present? Are you actually able to boot now?

@malcolmlewis1 I’m sorry not familiar with ldd. Can’t able to boot still the same error occur.

@M_A_T Are you in a position to open a Support Request with SUSE?

Yes @malcolmlewis1 we have SUSE Case: 00697592

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SUSE Support gave up and suggest to reinstall it. I just resolved by performing the offline upgrade to SLE SAP 15 SP4.

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