SLES 11 SP3 vs SLES 11 SP4, breaking changes?

Given that there is a vagrant image for SP3 but not SLES 11 SP4, we are considering using SP3 to validate our software. However, I just wanted to confirm that SP4 does not introduce breaking changes.

Taking a closer look at the vagrant image,

It is NOT exactly SP3 either. So is our strategy is still valid using this SP3-like image?

I am not sure about your overall question, but regarding the original post
and your subject, Service/Support Packs are meant to only fix things known
to be broken, passing through few enhancements which themselves may
introduce new bugs. As a result, it is very safe to go from one SP to
another, certainly much safer than moving from one major release to
another (e.g. eleven (11) to twelve (12)).

Good luck.

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