SLES 11 SP4: Using lighttpd to present "crm_mon -h"


in HAE hawk is integrated to have a view on the cluster with the browser. Lighttpd is used to establish that.
crm_mon -h can be used to write the cluster status view from crm_mon to a html file. I’d like to write that file to lighttpd so i can access the output from crm_mon with a browser.
It seems that documentroot from hawk is /srv/www/hawk/public. I created there a simple html file (test.html) and tried to access it via http://fqdn:7630/test.html, but i’m redirected to the hawk status page.
The log files show no sign of trying to access my test.html.

Hawk is just started by the init script via: /sbin/startproc -p $PID_FILE $LIGHTTPD_BIN -f $LIGHTTPD_CONFIG. Nothing magic.
LIGHTTPD_CONFIG is =/srv/www/hawk/config/lighttpd.conf.

I’m neither familiar with lighttpd nor hawk. How can i configure hawk to present this simple html page ?



It works. Fumbling on one node with test.html or crm_mon, but watching the other node with the browser does not succeed. Access the right node with the browser and everything is fine :-).