SLES 12 SP1 Clone Boot lun for server Installation


We are planning to use clone boot lun. Before to implement this plan . I need to check best practices and Is it recommend to use.

Below is the Plan:

  1. Install OS (OS installation on Physical hardware) on to FCOE lun boot . do configurations like enable multipath and other few tasks.
  2. Clone installed OS FCOE lun boot to other server. This avoids installing OS for other servers and doing configuration.

Now main concern. Is this recommended for production environment?

If yes, Any other considerations we should have to take care?

If no, we will stop this implementation and proceed with new image installation.

Note: Hardware Make is same but model and memory, CPU sizes are different.


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Hi vidyasagarreddy66,

Any other considerations we should have to take care?

How will you be handling registration and updates? I’d probably register the template system, run updates and then remove the machine-specific credentials (see /etc/zypp/credentials.d and /etc/machine-id). Additionally, I’d run the appropriate code to re-register the clone upon first boot, that way you’ll have all clones wired to i.e. your SUSE Manager.

While the following Wiki article is written with SUSE Manager in mind, it contains pointers at how to individualize clones in topic 5.2:


Hi Jens,

We are cloning for Physical hardware is that recommended for production environment.