SLES11 SP2 not booting up

SLES11 SP2 not booting up…
During boot up…it goes like this…

Starting D-Bus Daemon
Starting syslog services
Checking CPU… upload Intel microcode
Initializing random number generator
Loading CPUFreq modules (CPUFreq not supported)
Starting HAL Daemon

after this nothing happens…it hangs…

This server has edirectory and Identity manager…I want only these two running…and of course iManager…How do I get this server to boot up?
Please advise


Hi Veena,

has this server ever been operational before? What had happened before the system wouldn’t come up, things like “fresh install”, “power failure”, “system update plus reboot”…

Do you see any messages on the “syslog” virtual console (use Alt+F1 to F12 got switch virtual consoles), syslog seems to have already started.

What do you see in the syslog file(s) when you boot the system in maintenance mode?

Can you reach the system via network (though I doubt it - AFAICT network has not been started yet)?