SLES15 SP4 HP MR Logical Drive numbering in reverse

HP Gen11 UEFI boot mode with MR408i-o RAID Controller. 3 Logical drives. HP numbers these 239, 238,236 or something similar. The 1st logical drive created always has highest number. Autoyast contains partitioning for 3 logical drives, but installer always assigns logical drive with lowest number to /dev/sda. If allowed to proceed, all logical drives are configured incorrectly. A trick that makes this work is to create the 3 logical drives in reverse order (create the 3rd logical drive first). How does SLES installer make array → device name assignment? Is there any way I can influence this with autoyast for consistent installation on many 3 logical drive machines? Additionally, tried Broadcom 9580-8i8e raid controller and the reverse logical drive creation trick does not work - in this case virtual drive numbering seems random and there is no control over how the 3 logical drives will be partitioned.

Using /dev/disk/by-path/…the actual path</device for each of the 3 raid logical devices as noted in AutoYast manual does not work either. While the install can be performed with the by-path device tag, the defined partitioning is not performed on the correct logical drives.
The issue remains, how to control an AutoYast installation of SLES15 SP4 to 3 different size logical drives so they are partitioned how you want?