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I wanted to confirm that I was understanding things correctly or not. Is it true that the SMT server is going to be replaced eventually with the ZLM product? I have a customer that is currently running NetWare servers in their environment, however they are slowly working towards transitioning their servers to OES2SP3 and OES11 servers. Hwoever; the question came up today about whether or not the SMT server was still going to be available and supported, or if that product was going to be replaced by ZLM11? Does anyone know who(m) I can speak with about this software?

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I’ve asked my Novell contacts for further information on your query,
hopefully shouldn’t take too long :slight_smile:

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There are no plans (nor would it make sense) to replace SMT by ZLM.
SMT is a free add-on for SLE customers with maintenance entitlements and is supposed to be around for at least the lifetime of SLE 11.
If SLE/OES customers want more functionality than what is in SMT, then SUSE Manager is the product to look at.