[solved] Create cluster and provision node with terraform

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a new rke (?) rancher cluster with terraform.
Everything seems to work well, in the sense that terraform exit successfully, creating cluster but not provisionning nodes as describe in my manifest file.

here the snippet corresponding to said cluster :

resource "rancher2_cluster" "ad" {
  provider = rancher2.admin
  name = "ad"
  description = "admin cluster"
  rke_config {
    nodes {
        role = ["controlplane", "worker", "etcd"]
        address = ""
        user = "root"
    private_registries {
      url = ""
      is_default = true

As I understand I expect that as terraform ends its run, it should display a new cluster named “ad” with one node configured.

I confirm that from the host running terraform I’m able to ssh into with ssh keypair added to ssh agent.

I got an answer, it seems that rancher2 provider do not ssh into node but expose node_command attribute which contain ssh command to execute on remote node.