SpaceNavigator 3d mouse with Blender 2.76 on SLED?

Anyone using it smoothly in SLED?
According to the Supported OS at the 3Dconnexion web site, SLED is among them. Sure, about 90% of the features are not supported, but at least it is in this list.
At the moment I have been able to use it in Ubuntu 15.04, thanks to “spacenavd” SpaceNavigator (SN from now on) was recognized and it does work to some extent.
However, it doesn’t quite orbit around the selected object. I made sure “Rotate Around Selection” under View Manipulation in the Blender Prefs is check marked. And I have tried all the orbiting styles available from SN (Free: Orbit, Free. & Turntable: Trackball, Turntable).
Only it pans and zooms.
The left button brings up a contextual menu
While the right button brings the selected object to the center of the 3d window.

I did a search in Ubuntu for a control panel or app offering other settings but nothing comes up when searching for “space”, neither “3dconnexion”, nor “spacenav”.
The latest version (which is not found in Synaptic) is found here at the But it seems one needs to know how to compile the files :frowning:

Any ideas?

Thanks guys,


The daemon is built on OBS in the hardware repository for SLE 12 (unsupported with respect to SLE support);

I can build the config gui on OBS if you require.

Wow, that’s a VERY kind offer, Malcolm :slight_smile:
But I’ll take a rain check on that, at this time.

I had some feedback from John Tsiombikas, the main programmer. With important info on how to make it work for Ubuntu. So I’ll give it a try when possible.
For now it’s no longer a priority, as I have figured out how to adapt some important Blender keyboard bindings that were not getting along with Ubuntu. My using of the SpaceNavigator was mainly a way to circumvent that issue.

Thanks again :slight_smile: