SUSE 12 Package List ?

Is there a SUSE 12 package list for each of the new repositories ? I’m trying to find memcached and it’s not part of the web and scripting module 12 repository. I would have expected to find it here with php.

Or is SUSE 12 not supplying memcached ? In that case I will need to compile it.


When I’ve looked for packages in the past I’ve done so by going to and then typing in the package name
in the freeform field, then clicking search. Choosing something from the
first product drop-down (like ‘SUSE Linux Enterprise Server’) helps limit

Looking for memcached, I do not see the package under SLES 12 like I do
under SLES 11. This isn’t a comprehensive list of packages, but is just a
list of patched packages, but eventually it is usually a good way to go,
or at least faster than the next step of pulling down the ISOs and
searching them, plus any channels specific to new purposes like web
services, etc.

Good luck.

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