Steps on how to perform service pack upgrade(sles 12 sp3 to sles 12 sp5) using SUMA

Need some help here. Does anyone can provide me the pdf of steps on how to perform SP upgrade for sles 12 using SUMA. i have several sles client server managed through SUMA and thinking doing the SP upgrade using SUMA. i have taken a look at the SUMA pdf “upgrade guide” but it doesnt seems provide a clear steps to do above task. Can anyone advise?

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You don’t say what version of SuMA? What you need to look for in the documentation is ‘Client Migration’ for example;

AFAIK you should be able to go straight from SP3 to SP5 and skip SP4.

Copy-paste from the SP migration link above:

Procedure: Performing a Migration

  1. From the Main Menu > Systems > Overview page, select a client.
  2. Select the System Details > Software > SP Migration tab.
  3. Select the target migration path and click Select Channels.
  4. From the System Details > Software > SP Migration > Service Pack Migration - Channels view select the correct base channel, including “Mandatory Child Channels” and any additional “Optional Child Channels”. Select Schedule Migration when your channels have been configured properly

You could try all that using groups of systems, too.