Upgrade SLES12SP3 to SLES12SP5

My client wants to upgrade SLES12SP3 to SLES12SP5. I have seen below documentation to perform this,

SLES 12 SP5 | Deployment Guide | Upgrading SUSE Linux Enterprise

But clients want to know which all packages will be updated and to all versions during this process. As the client wants to make sure that the currently running applications does not break after the upgrade.

Is there any such documentations that we can provide to the customer?

@nobincjonx Hi, off the top of my head you could use zypper se -si and pipe that to a file to see all installed packages, their versions and repositories installed from. You could look at doing a dry-run of the upgrade with verbosity (eg -vvv) to show what is being upgraded and should give versions etc.

Is it possible to create a test system and upgrade that?