Support for Secrets in Rancher 2.0

What will the support for Secrets be in Rancher 2.0. Will it still be considered experimental? Or stable? Or what?

TBD, but the main reason it’s experimental now is because of issues interacting with Docker as a volume plugin and we expect integrating with k8s instead to address that.

Do we have an update of this now that 2.0 is released/GA? (We’re still on 1.6, but currently looking into if we can set up a new customer server using 2.0 or if we should stay on 1.6 - secrets is a critical feature for us that we definitely don’t want to be without.)

Secrets are fully operational in 2.0. Since secrets and workloads are fully managed by kubernetes, you have the full power of k8s for your secrets management. We just improve the UX around them a bit.