Support of MAAS for RancherOS

Hi !

Is there any roadmap concerning the ability to port RancherOS to bu used with Ubuntu MAAS ?

By supporting cloud images, tar.gz and rootfs images, i think the road is close to the end to reach MAAS users.

Bare-metal deployment would be very useful and efficient, MAAS is much more easy to use and setup than an Openstack Ironic or equivalent.

Thanks a lot.

I agree. Using a Canonical MAAS controller as a means of deploying Rancher OS on to bare metal for Rancher controlled management of the container service lifecycle would be interesting.

Are either of you familiar with MAAS? It’s not something I’ve used before so I’m not sure what concrete steps would be needed from us to support it.

Theorically, MAAS could handle any OS with cloudinit support.

The real problem is the lack of documentation of custom OS support. I tried to make an image for RancherOS by creating a VM on KVM and dumping its disk with dd, then creating a ddtgz (note sure to have the procedure …) and it failed. I tried also to create image by providing the Tar.gz of Rancher OS, but none worked.

The best way to achieve this imho , is to contact maas mailing list to get a lilttle support for how to import Rancher OS image into MAAS.

I think this comes down to if someone from the community is willing to take lead in that area. We’d be happy to address specific features needed in RancherOS, but it’s unlikely we’ll be able to investigate what’s necessary and reach out to the MAAS community in the near future.

This is a two-year topic, but we’re likely be working on making RancherOS installation from MaaS, as we’re working with MaaS internally, and have some experience with CustomOS support.

We have no MAAS support plan at present, and we may consider joining in the future. You can open an issue to track.:slight_smile: