SUSE 15 SP3 Install Error

Hello, i cant install SLES FOR SAP 15 SP3 in VMware.

I have installed various SUSE for SAP without problems but now i cant.

In The installation, after update installer i cant select any module of The installer.

Look The images and The errors please.

I have never seen this problem. Any help please?.

In other installations The default modules are selected automatically.

The next Windows shows error about gnome and SAP modules because has not been selected.

@RRSITS Hi and welcome to the Community :smile:
I would suspect there is no network interface on the VM, if so then it’s not active…

The ethernet is active and with Internet connection. I did test in my laptop, my esxi in The office, esxi in customer and The result is The same…

But if i try The installation with The online ISO it works perfectly, but this obey me to register the System before launching the install process

@RRSITS but to get access to the online repositories etc the system needs to be registered or connected to SUSE Manager or RMT system?

Yes, using the online ISO that ocupes 400mb you need to register the system to connect repositories and download packages.

With the full ISO is not necesary register the system to install it.

@RRSITS You need to add a second iso image; SLE 15 SP3 Packages ISO image

Important: Register at this step
Make sure to register your system at this step in the installation. Otherwise, you can only install a minimal SLE system and will not receive updates.

To install a full (but not updated) SLES for SAP system without network access during the installation, use the SLE 15 SP3 Packages ISO image from You can then choose Skip registration on this page and select the SLE 15 SP3 Packages ISO image as an add-on product on the next page.


I have never needed add the second ISO…even never i downloaded it :person_shrugging:t2:

@RRSITS Perhaps things have changed on the installer, something you likely need to ask SUSE Support about (Create a support ticket) or your SUSE Partner.

Yes i will open a case support for more info because we have the priority support. We use for our customers with SAP HANA.

Thanks for your help!

There’s an error in the SLES for SAP Applications documentation - from SLES15 SP2 onwards there is only the one full ISO required for off-line installs with the Installer and Packages ISOs being combined.

From Evaluation Copy of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications | SUSE for 15 SP2:

“Starting with SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP2, the installation medium (‘SLE-15-SP2-Online-*-GM-DVD1.iso’) only consists of the Installer: a minimal, command-line based system for installing, updating and registering SUSE Linux Enterprise products. During the installation you will have the option to add functionality. This is done by the activation of additional modules.”