Swarmkit-mon Upgrade Docker Client to 1.13.1

Please let me know when Swarmkit-mon is upgraded to use Docker Client 1.13.1.

The following command does not work as the current client, 1.13.0-rc3, does not support host mode networking:

docker service create \
  --mode global \
  --name consul \
  --network edge \
  -p mode=host,published=8500,target=8500 \
  -p mode=host,published=53,target=8600 \
  -p mode=host,published=53,target=8600,protocol=udp \
  consul:0.7.4 agent -ui -datacenter l300 -domain iot. \
    -server -join tasks.consul -bootstrap-expect 2 -recursor

Will get the following error:

invalid argument "mode=host,published=8500,target=8500" for p: Invalid containerPort: mode=host,published=8500,target=85