The regcode is locked by another email address

I am trying to register a client with our SMT server.

After I run ./ https://server.x.x/center/regcode I receive the following error:

ERROR: The regcode is locked by another email address. Registration failed. (99)

I located a TID which says the email address is not authorized and go to the Customer Service Center and add it. This email address is and has been authorized for several years.

I also created a new CA and Server Certificate.

Any ideas.

Thank you!

Hi banniste,

is your SMT server working against NCC or SCC?

If you already switched it to SCC, can you register the code at SCC directly?

My first idea with that error message is that “someone else” registered the reg code already, hence it’s assigned to a different account / email address. In that case, you’d probably have to contact SUSE to have that reg code checked.