Trouble selecting networks in vSphere

I connected Rancher to vSphere but was unable to create any clusters. Something broke before any vm’s could be created.

Looking at the cluster I could see some log lines flutter by for the nodes which suggested I had some network related issues.

I was unable to find the same lines logged anywhere - so a bonus question could be where I should find those lines?

After poking a bit at the system I realised that the network issue was name ambiguity.

In our advanced lab we have two different entities named advlab:
Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 12.43.46

No matter which I selected in the rancher web interface the cluster yaml contains the same string:

kubectl -n fleet-default get VmwarevsphereConfig -o yaml | grep network
  - /ADVLAB/network/Advlab

But if I manually change the string to:

kubectl -n fleet-default get VmwarevsphereConfig -o yaml | grep network
  - /ADVLAB/network/Cluster01_DSwitch/Advlab

vm-creation starts working.

Surely that must be a bug?
How do I report such a thing?

Hi @azzid , you can report the issue on Rancher’s github repo here. Also about the logs that you mentioned, not sure about this but can you check the rancher pod logs (upstream/local cluster) and check if you can see them there?

I did kubectl -n cattle-system logs rancher-79864b46bd-ch792 | grep -i '/advlab/' - but I did not see the same lines as the ones that blinked by in the gui.

bug reported.

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Got it. I guess that might not be the correct place where these logs appear or they might have been disappeared.