Two X Servers running

I am running to a weird issue. After installation of Suse Enterprise Linux Desktop (this is a custom installation created using kiwi), I found that we are running two X servers one on tty7 (default) and one on tty2.

When I dug deep into the issue, the following is observed. The system onstartup runs only one X Server on tty7 with all the related services as user “gdm” on tty7. This I noticed by logging into console in tty1 before logging in at Xconsole in tty7. But immediately after logging in, when I run ps -aef | grep tty2, I found there is an X session started. All the processes were running under the username in which I logged in at tty7. This unnecessarily consumes additional resources.

The process tree which starts the second session is like this. “gdm-session-worker (pam/gdm–password)” → “gdm-x-session --run-script gnome” → “/usr/bin/X vt2 …”

Need to understand which process is triggering gdm-session-worker

The desktop is gnome and window manager is gdm

Any hint in what could be going wrong?

Thank you

That is normal…

vt7 is being run by gdm (the login manager), vt2 is your user session.